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Open talk – Back to the Future: The Roles of Humans and Tech in The Future of Revenue Management

5 May 202210:25 - 11:00Sala Bramante

According to McKinsey, AI-based pricing has the potential to deliver between $259.1B to $500B in global market value. But the main question remains: can (and should) Revenue Management be completely automated today? What are, if any, the technical limitations of current RMSs, and how are these systems evolving? Probably we should go back to the semantic of the term itself: how can we define “Revenue Management” in a post-pandemic, post-historical-data world? Is it really only a question of Yeld, or should we start redefining what we consider RM and get a new, fresh prespective on that? The OpenTalk will try to answer these questions.



Simone Puorto

Founder, CEO & Futurist - Travel Singularity

Christophe Bataillard

Founder & CEO - Ōptimiser consulting