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Simone Puorto

Founder, CEO & Futurist @ Travel Singularity

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Simone Puorto is a travel tech journalist, podcaster, consultant, author of three bestsellers on hotel marketing, writer for the main industry blogs, MBA lecturer, Advisory Board Member for BWG Strategy, founder and CEO of the Travel Singularity consulting firm , CMO for TelltheHotel and co-founder of FunnelTV. Throughout his career, he has been General Manager for a boutique hotel chain and VP Global Accounts & Quality Manager for a French-American web agency. He has advised hotel groups such as Divani Hotels Collection and LOUIS Group in Greece, Library Hotels Collection in the United States, Tiara Hotels & Resorts in France, Louis T Collection in China and The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts in Asia and Europe; he helped consolidate one of the main Italian hotel chains and served as advisor for countless startups. He calls himself a "Renaissance Futurist," is an advocate of post-human, anti-species and transhumanist values, such as biohacking, cyborg and animal rights. He lives and works between Paris and Rome.